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Dota 2: The Six Million Dollar Championship...So Far

When July 18 dawns in Seattle, reports suggest it's going to bring a slice of history right along with it. What's the big driver of this particular bit of history? Well, it all has to do with Dota 2, the...

Can Valve's Steam Machines Roll Over The Living Room?

Today was the big day for the second of three announcements from Valve, and the news today was focused distinctly on hardware. From the SteamOS that would power such hardware to the hardware itself, Valve is really opening up some...

Is SteamOS the Start of a Living Room Destabilization?

The idea of a PC in the living room is really nothing new. Why should it be? PCs these days connect to an HD television just as easily as a monitor thanks to included HDMI ports, and a computer can...

Valve Has A Familiar Idea Waiting For GDC 2013

With the 2013 installment of the Game Developers' Conference coming to San Francisco's Moscone Center in a little over two months, it's clear that some are already looking to see what's coming up. Valve is set to lead the way,...

Xi3 & Valve Show Off A System For Steam's Big Picture

With CES 2013 in full swing, there's a new development making the rounds out in beautiful Las Vegas. With Ultra HD and a variety of other home entertainment technologies being shown off, one of the biggest developments is just for...
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