BMW Hydrogen 7

August 19, 2007
Does Will Ferrell have a place in a green blog? Of course he does as BMW has seen it fit to give him the keys to the first BMW Hydrogen 7 for everyday use. This is all part of the Hydrogen 7 Pioneer Program which basically means giving Hydrogen cars to high profile people.
Some interesting facts… The car emits nothing but water vapor and is not for sale. Some argue that using hydrogen as a fuel is silly because it actually consumes more energy than it produces but the opposite argument is that over time this should change.
Certainly cars become much cleaner vehicles when using hydrogen for propulsion.
For more information on celebrities such as Angelina Jolie who have driven this car be sure to check out autoblogGreen for more.

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Comments to BMW Hydrogen 7

  1. bmw fuel pump :

    Hydrogen is the perfect fuel...

    ...for people who can freely spend other people's money, or who have more money than sense.

    Those of us who don't have money to burn, or don't qualify for freebies, will tend to choose forms of energy that are more economical, safer, and GREENER than hydrogen.

    What's greener than hydrogen? Almost anything, including coal and gasoline.

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