The Rise of AI in Communications

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The Rise of AI in Communications

rise of ai in communications

Data, Data everywhere but not a byte to think
Data, Data everywhere buy why are the bytes not linked?

As economical compute power behind telephony offerings have increased (through more increased processing power whether in the cloud or on premise), we have seen a rise in analytics relating to the specific offering.  This is either to help improve customer service, or help reduce OPEX because a better understanding of what is actually going on in the network can be readily seen. 

For instance, most contact center calls are recorded, and customer agent training or self-help before reaching an agent can be enhanced based on understanding of what is going on in many conversations. From a network perspective, location based services such as location-based ads or the suggestion to switch to Wifi for better data service can be sent to your phone.

As such, it is no surprise that the next steps are occurring – using the analytics that the offerings have at their disposal to be more predictive.  This is what some people are calling Artificial Intelligence. I think we are very far off from the Terminator movies where machines figured out that if they launched all nuclear weapons and killed the human race that they wouldn’t have to take orders from humans.  Hopefully, far off anyway.   But we are entering a world where machines can be more proactive:

1. Every time we back out of our garage, we hit the button to close the garage door. But let’s say you forgot. Then our car could ask us “are you sure you don’t want to close the garage door this time?”  The home hub system would have figured out that we didn’t do something that we usually do.

2. Same thing with calling your mother. If you always did it within a certain window and you forgot (forgot to call your mother!) then the home hub system could ask you about that as well.

3. There are an unlimited amount of use cases like this in all vertical fields that would help us improve our health, our learning, our social interaction, our safety, etc.

Data, Data everywhere and finally the Bytes do think!

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