The Status of WebRTC

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Jim Machi

The Status of WebRTC

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It’s been quite a while since I wrote about the status of WebRTC.   And quite a bit has happened in that time.   One thing that hasn’t changed is that I believed then, and I still do now, that WebRTC is the technology basis and the “future” of Real Time Communications.  But back when I last wrote about it, Microsoft wasn’t quite on board yet, nor was Apple.  So that wasn’t a done deal yet.

Today, there is a WebRTC Working Group through the W3C with Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Blackberry all supporting it.   It’s pretty ubiquitous in the Browser world now.  And video is the key use case today while at the same time remaining the key future use case.  Because video everywhere will take some time.

Sangoma is actually using WebRTC in our mobile client called Zulu.  It’s a key part of how we built our client.

If you are interested in more about WebRTC, probably the best place to go is to   Here is a blog that outlines 10 projects that I’m sure you have all heard about that use WebRTC.   You’ve probably used WebRTC and you didn’t even know it.  

As such, the time is probably nearing where we don’t really talk about the technology anymore because it’s no longer a differentiator and a better/faster/cheaper way to do something.  It’s just there.  

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