17th Annual India Convergence, Legalization of VoIP!

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17th Annual India Convergence, Legalization of VoIP!

While many emerging and developed countries are mired in over-zealous government telecommunications regulation on voIP, India is a trend-setter. Check out the news here on the *legalization of voIP at VoIP-Info.org.

As a result, the 17th Annual India Convergence conference is going to be the international business deal making hub in Asia for the gathering of global trend-setting IP communications related companies March 18-20, 2009 in New Delhi at the Pragati Maidan.

DIDX is a media partner for 17th Convergence India 2009 conference because of the future-thinking, entrepreneurial attitude of the India government telecom department and its many DIDX wholesale member clients' interest in Asia.

Copied directly from the conference schedule URL...

Telecom Tracks:

• Next Generation Network
• Telecom Services & Applications
• Enterprise Applications & Solutions
• WiMAX Evolution

Mobility Tracks

• Technology Strategies for 3G and Beyond
• Deveopling Mobile Communication in Rural Areas
• Wireless Broadband
• Mobile Convergence

Broadcast, Cable, Satellite, Entertainment Tracks

• Creating the Business of Infotainment
• DTH/IPTV/Mobile TV
• Digital Media & Mobile Entertainment
• Creation, Management, Delivery of content for the entertainment industry

Information Technology Tracks

• Information Technology in the SMB environment
• E - CRM / ERP / SCM
• Data Storage Management
• Managing IT Infrastructure

Information Security Tracks

• Information Theft- Security issues, Strategy & Challenges
• Database Management for the Enterprise
• Theft Management
• 360 Degree Data Security

This list is not exhaustive and if you believe you have a contribution of value to the Indian market, please don't hesitate to offer your proposal.

 Add the important dates March 18-20, 2009 to your calendar and sign up at http://www.convergenceindia.org/ to attend, present, sponsor, and/or exhibit. Check Facebook where there's a cool pre-networking area at India Convergence 2009 and you can also see other global events we sponsor at http://www.didx.net/events. Just participate! People from the globe want to meet you and do business with you.

*legalization of voIP in India - I referred to this exciting announcement on my other more personal blog at http://suzanne.supertec.com/2008/09/braintel-brothers-masters-from-viruses.html

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