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Heba Nawar, Woman in VoIP Today

voiptoday_logo.pngSome believe that there is a lack of female business and technical developers in the voice over internet and IP communications industry, but I think it is just that they are quiet. It's my job to find them. Think back to the Facebook group I started in 2008 called Women in VoIP. Next... to share their expertise with you. I recently interviewed Heba Nawar, the Director of Business Development with Marketing and Management Responsibilites at the new VoipToday organization. She's from Egypt and based in United Arab Emirates now. Check out their site at www.voiptoday.org.

Read the almost complete transcript here. Listen to the podcast.

Suzanne Bowen: Welcome to DIDX podcast media channel where we bring you the expertise of IP communications leaders from around the world. I'm your host Suzanne Bowen. Today we have with us Heba Nawar of VoipToday.org, the newest, most innovative location for showcasing your VoIP company.
Heba Nawar: It will be a great opportunity for both of us.

Suzanne Bowen: Tell us the history of VoipToday, Heba.

Heba Nawar: Well, VoipToday Magazine was written freelance style as a post scripts to the VoipToday organization. It's freely available as  the independent online publication presenting up to date VoIP news and information covering all aspects of the voip technology and all the internet telephony solutions. We are looking forward to build strong community in the Middle East and throughout the world.
Suzanne Bowen: How did you decide on the name VoipToday?

Heba Nawar:  It took a long time to think of a proper name for our organization and our magazine, but finally we thought that voiptoday represents its meaning which is VoIP up-to-date.
Suzanne Bowen: What can business do to take advantage of your online magazine?

Heba Nawar:  VoIPToday magazine acts as a consultant for all companies to help them to select the best solution satisfied customers. Also our advertisers, visitors, readers, and members can share their experiences dealing with different VoIP products and how VoIP has helped them as the right choice for their business. In marketing and advertising VoipToday magazine provides an alternative way for companies to communicate their messages to the targeted customers and for reaching their potential customers.
Suzanne Bowen: Many media sites online have to do with telecommunication and voice over internet. In what ways would you say VoipToday is better or does a better job for his readers, customers, clients than the others?

Heba Nawar:  We reach the strong communities at VoipToday. It's building right now. It is locally fixed in Middle East and is stretching its communities to be worldwide. What makes it better than others? First of all, it's freely available everywhere. Much of its content is original. The most important thing is that it covers all free open source and VoIP solution with a guide of where to download the programs for free and have installed and configured. VoipToday magazine has a strong tutorial program. VoipToday allows its readers to enhance their knowledge. We add interesting social events. We organize different contests that allow participants to show off their knowledge. We offer free stuff. For instance, nowadays VoipToday is arranging a contest within the cooperation of most Starch Publication Company to allow VoipToday readers to test their knowledge. The winner gets a free copy of Hacking book by Himanshu Dwivedi.
Suzanne Bowen: Media should be interactive not just one way.

Heba Nawar: Exactly that's why are we seeking two way communication between VoipToday staff, readers, and with other publishing companies.  We are looking for the interactive, social communication over our VoipToday.
Suzanne Bowen: What kind of ideas and plans do you have for the future?

Heba Nawar: About long range plans, we have a strong vision and dream of VoipToday as more like a VoIP encyclopedia to be leading international journal into field of VoIP, so that VoIP users seeking any VoIP information can use us as a reference and this would be a step for VoIP broadcasting channel.

Suzanne Bowen: Tell us about VoipToday's CEO.

Heba:  That is Mr Alaa El fahham. He is the founder of VoipToday organization and VoipToday magazine. He started his IT journey in late 90s. He has many contributions that were recorded under his name by the ministry of culture in Egypt. Because of the increasing popularity of open source telephony in the last few years. Even the number of open source telephony providers has increased, so he came up the idea of VoipToday magazine to be the optimized source for the latest news concerning all VoIP and open source telephony solutions and other VoIP aspects.

Suzanne Bowen: I know that you are opening up all new areas of business for the world but especially in the Middle East where many telecoms have a monopoly. These companies are to be admired for all that they have accomplished, but there are new technologies such as open source and VoIP that can revolutionize opportunities for the people in their countries. It is not loss of revenue. It is gain of more revenue and a better life of opportunities for their citizens for business and family.

How can the listeners to this podcast get in touch with VoipToday to advertise, develop business, be reviewed and more, Heba?

Heba Nawar: Please type in your browser www.voiptoday.org and contact us. We will be happy to reply to you.

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