3D and IPTV with or without Glasses

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3D and IPTV with or without Glasses

I spied the title of A. Michael Noll's "A 3D TV Bubble is emerging" and frankly, it sent me researching the web and thinking about my own fascination with 3D (or even 4D ;-).

One Sunday late afternoon, I paid to see Avatar by myself. I liked it. I loved the aesthetics of the scenery, backgrounds, living creatures and the interesting appearances of the avatars. I thought the movie itself was predictable. I would rather watch the Matrix series or even Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs again and learn something new than to watch Avatar again.

The author of the article in my email stated that Sony seemed to be betting its future on 3D at the CES show. He says, "All this interest in 3D will be just another bubble." CES participants shared a belief that 3DTV would definitely be one of the top five tech trends for 2010.

An hour before I read the article, I bought a copy of Coraline whih includes 2D and 3D versions with four pairs of glasses plus the digital version for my four-year-old grand-daughter. This is because she wore out the older digital only copy. She was begging Mom to read and re-read A Wrinkle in Time in place of it as her second favorite media.

Producing 3D (three-dimensional) television can be expensive both in money and time. It uses some 3D presentation process and also a 3D display - a special viewing device to project a television program into a realistic three-dimensional field. 

Telefónica (who recently acquired Jajah) and Philips were testing 3D IPTV without glasses as early as 2008. 

Rebecca Kurlak, author of the report "Blame Blu-Ray for the IPTV Uptick," said at the Digital Living Room Conference,  "Ten percent of the 2009 box office sales were attributed to 3D movies." 

Nearly all Blu-ray players are made with IP connectivity as part of the design and capabilities. 

One of those commenting on a oystiq blog post about xbox 360 IPTV support said, " I'm likely to adopt a 3D television sometime in the next two years if carriers start to allow subscription to stuff like the newly announced ESPN 3D, History Channel 3D etc. Now that the Blu-Ray profile is being updated with 3-D support and most new HDTVs coming to market will be 3-D capable I'm really considering another upgrade even though I just upgraded in late 2008/early 2009."

Put on your glasses or ... not, kids. Coraline's bored until she finds a secret door that leads into a world nothing like her own.

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