Motorola Droid or Blackberry Curve?

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Motorola Droid or Blackberry Curve?

People in the circles I run are full of early adopters and especially in regards to cell phones. I surveyed and researched. I took a small group to Best Buy and Verizon with me. We played with every cell phone and settled on...

Here's my list, well, my experience in using cell phones:
1. First cell phone was a Kyocera with AllTel service. It had a great Brickbreaker game on it.
2. Blackberry 8703e with no camera... the wheel cursor on the right was easy to use. Accessing and using the Internet was a breeze.
3. Nokia E61i... wow, I could finally use fring, Truphone, Gizmo, Skype, Vippie and other voip services mixed in with a little social media. I lost it in 2009 at a conference.
4. Nokia N71... even better than the E61i except too small. I lost it in 2009 at another conference. Now, I pay insurance on my cell phones.
5. I like Blackberry a lot. But when I sampled the keyboard on the Curve vs. the Droid, the Droid was much more user-friendly, and I liked the touch screen choice. Just bought the Droid Motorola on Verizon service, and love it.. so far. It's got a 5.0 megapixel camera, very important for me to video and take pics for interviews and articles for Techistan and DIDx. It downloaded my Google and Facebook contacts complete with email addresses and phone numbers. It has voice commands available on it which I used while browsing the net.

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