Understanding the Plus and Minus of Private or Public Peering

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Understanding the Plus and Minus of Private or Public Peering

Everything you ever wanted to know about peering and better I found in this surprise location on the web at Drpeering.net. There is a great debate on the good, bad and ugly of both public and private peering. The site mentioned their notes they gathered from a debate at NANOG in Seattle, Washington to create the diagrams and arguments. The group compared notes and practices, and preferences for public or for private peering.

They provide five reasons for each with a conclusion of... should I tell you?

"If you think that public peering is a good idea, you're just not large enough yet." 

Or maybe you like spending less for more?

"I can't afford to dedicate a whole gigE card to private peering with this guy, but public peering is a no-brainer."

Or maybe you can but the private peering option you see only gives you access to a few areas of the world with not much choice.

Either way, I recommend reading Dr. Peering's website and start with his debate synapsis on Private vs. Public Peering at   http://www.drpeering.net/a/The_Great_Debate___Public_vs_Private_Peering.html.

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