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Kindle Fire Book Sauder Diaries Written by IP Communications Monetizer

Pirates I have a secret. Open source geeks do sometimes monetize IP communications, and when they do it well, geeks and  non-geeks benefit. Michel  Vaillancourt is one of those.  

He is the CEO of JKL5 Group who offer  innovative telephony  services, but he is also a  steampunk book genre author. Today, I finished reading the book the second time completely through. It's called the Sauder Diaries - By Any Other Name.

The main character of Sauder Diaries Hans Sauder is a gentleman from a well-off German family, and I have always been fascinated with what makes one man a gentleman and the next one ... not.  

I like how Hans describes people such as calling Blackheart a "pillaging homicidal accountant." He describes Annika as having a "work-toned derriere." Who couldn't picture that clearly? He describes Arietta Itala, the Chief Engineer of the Bloody Rose and every other woman he meets in such a way that one imagines him to see the beauty and finds apprecation in every one of them for purely aesthetic reasons. Even so, he asks the obvious question many a man I know would ask about Arrieta of how much she actually knows about engines and aeronautics, or if she is merely an attractive face for the Captain at the upper deck mess table?

I laughed at this because I was asked many times during my travels in the Middle East and South Asia as CEO of Super Technologies if I was really the CEO or was I a girlfriend to the other co-founder? If they only knew how much industry research, business development and other types of complicated work I participated in for the company and its services in about 10 - 14 hours per day 6- 7 days per week for a total of 12 years.

I have never been a fan of mathematics. Science and engineering have never been fields that my teachers in early life ever recommended I pursue. But ... I am an avid student of both, for the fun of it. Concepts -- such as EMIPALE, mentioned in the book, which creates local resistance to Earth's natural magnetic field generating lift -- are music to my mind. Keep educating us in such a natural way, Michel!

A bit of foreign language (one of my hobbies) is tastefully sprinkled here and there in Sauder Diaries, such as  the Italian phrase, "Divertente, sì?" Nice.

Now, my husband Michael, who is a Social Studies major and a history nerd, enjoys most the fact that the stories is set in 1888 after the Crimean War ended but with a complete twist. Instead of the Allies' clear win, the war ends in a stalemate. We wonder if Mr. Vaillancourt had read as many Choose Your Own Adventure books as we have.

Because of rogue mad science experiments, outcast armies and self-serving bandits, supposedly big chunks of what is known as 'civilized Europe' cannot be traveled safely. The seas are filled with pirates who are hired by governments and/or who work for themselves. At the beginning of the steampunk novel, Hans is captured when his airship is attacked by the Bloody Rose, one of the most advanced pirate crews with a scary reputation.

Does Hans Sauder continue in his virginity to the end of this first in the Sauder Diaries series? Will he ever be reunited with his family back in Germany? Does he give in to the Darwinian level of human sexuality he describes? Will he move up or down the ladder of importance of the Bloody Rose or will he be booted out or killed by his new compadres? Will being a pirate corrupt his mind and heart? Or will it make him a better person ... if he survives? Will Arrieta or Annika or both of them become his girlfriend/s? Or should he take his father's advice given earlier in life: "personal affairs and professional spaces are horrible combinations." 

No answers from me, but I do hope that Mr. Vaillancourt will keep up this series, educating us on ships, science, history, love, culture, and language? Does he need any investors? :-) Oh, and here is a very cool interview between the Steam Wench and Michel. Follow Michel Vaillancourt on Twitter.

Whoever is first to comment here and quote the reference to * telephony about 80% through the Kindle Fire version, I will send that person a $5 Amazon gift card. It's pretty cool. 

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