What Do you Call a Non Toll Free DID or Phone Number?

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What Do you Call a Non Toll Free DID or Phone Number?

One of my favorite online locations to collaborate is in my own Facebook   network. It is filled with providers, developers, reviewers, early adopters and other users of IP communications, Internet security, social media, healthcare, exercise and nutrition, and more. Recently I asked this question, "s there a specific name for telephone numbers or virtual phone numbers that are not toll free besides DID, DDI, IDD and non toll free? My mind draws a blank as I am working with a team on a new Wikipedia page."

Answers came from telecommunications, open source telephony, and voice over Internet users, providers, developers, engineers, and marketing persons. I will share the results with you:

David Knell (open source developer): Phone numbers.

Ali Hadi of PROACTIVE Communication Agency: Do you mean?....1-800-CALL-INFO

Tanveer Akhtar of Alpa Foundation: Helpline

Suzanne Bowen: Good ones, David, Ali and Tanveer. I just thought of ... generic phone numbers. Make sense? Does anyone ever call them that? I've asked on Quora, too. No answers there yet.

Tanveer Akhtar of Alpa Foundation: NWD, ISDN, PSTN are also used

Harry Brelsford of SMB Nation: Not free

John Freed of the New York Times: I believe they're called toll numbers, tho I admit I haven't heard that for a long time. I think in Europe they can be called tariffed numbers but I never heard that in the USA. If you call an 800 number from Europe you get a recording, "this toll-free number will be charged at direct dial rates." But toll free numbers are direct dialed. The opposite of direct dialed is operator assisted.

Tom Michaels of 360 Networks: TNs........as in telephone numbers

Barbara McNeil, a telecommunications user and real estate professional: PRI?

Facebook, like anything online or offline is what we make of it. Some call it Farcebook, but I have my own personal, social and professional goals in using Facebook social network. I also have an ongoing plan while using it with the people who are in my network to mutually work to help each other in education, fun, quality of life, and business. 

Can't wait for the next discussion on my wall or anyone's in my network!

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