Can Twilio API Interact with a Pager? Rocking the Pager Array!

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Can Twilio API Interact with a Pager? Rocking the Pager Array!

527957_10150885127556567_241724574_n.jpgWho still uses pagers in 2017 and who will continue? Why? Medics, emergency responders and people who dig older technical devices like pagers, ham radios, rotary telephones, old typewriters and such. They use them for enhanced privacy, security, old school feel, hipster addiction, and so on. 

When people get a pager message or an SMS message, for example, it's much rarer nowadays than receiving a LinkedIn message or Whatsapp ping, so they take note. The rudeness factor of interrupting a face-to-face conversation to check a pager is not as intense as checking a Facebook update. 

How can we make this work in new-fangled ways? (Please comment if anything I claim in this blog update is incorrect. I am new at this topic.)

We can either call a pager number or we can send email to send an alert on the pager.

Scenario 1
Twilio API enables you to make calls, so we can send an alert to a pager using Twilio's API. 

We can set up our own email type of service, and we can send an email. Can anyone validate this? I don't have a pager number to test on.

Scenario 2
We can create our own pager using Anduino. Some people are saying, "Sweet."

Check for an interesting tutorial of how to do it.

There are actually many services that work like a pager available today. We can create an IT desk alert service using Twilio. An example is at

Intrigued and want more info? Let me know, and I'll put you in touch with more technical people on my DIDX team for sample code of Twilio to call and things like that.

See you at ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida Feb. 13 - 16, 2018. Looks more exciting than ever.

Thanks to Leslie Bester, smart guy and owner of Les Net and Magic Online, for sharing the image of the pagers. He says, "Rockin the pager array." 

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