Have You Reserved Your ITEXPO 2019 Booth and Sponsorship? #2

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Have You Reserved Your ITEXPO 2019 Booth and Sponsorship? #2

So excited to be back and share three more of the biz and tech expert types of people and businesses that typically participate in ITEXPO conference and expo! Expect representatives from companies and people like Vonage, Htek and of course, the TMCnet CEO Rich Tehrani.


Meet people like Norman Brandinger, R & D Architectural Development, Call Processing of Vonage. Endorsed for telecommunications, VoIP and SIP on Linkedin, he has received stellar recommendations such as:

"Working with Norman was an excellent and productive experience. His knowledge and skills when comes to OpenSIPS SIP server were at great value and contributed to a good turn out for the projects we worked together," says Bogdan Iancu, OpenSIPs founder.

Another review:
"Norm is a pleasure to work with, and is adept at analyzing problems and providing meaningful help and solutions. His OpenSER knowledge is fantastic, and is strengthened by his understanding of the telecom industry," says Daryl Jurbala, Twilio engineering manager.

The Voice over Internet industry has held Vonage as the standard to start up by since it began in 2001, saying, "You could be the next Vonage. In an article on No Jitter, TMCNet blogger Dave Michels wrote on how Vonage acquired Tokbox recently placing themselves in the webRTC and programmable video business. The Father of VoIP and Vonage founder Jeff Pulver has been a thought-provoking keynote for ITEXPO and its IDEA Showcase.

Representatives from HTEK phones were at ITEXPO 2018, and our Htek-itexpo.jpgDIDX team found them delightful and very successful in the voice industry. Their devices were recently certified by Portaone, who were ITEXPO 2018 exhibitors once again! Also this year, it was announced, the hosted VoIP plaftform from Xelion has been adapted to meet the needs of Tiptel in Belgium and Luxembourg, and support is provided for Htek VoIP telephones that are distributed by Tiptel in European countries. Pictured are two representatives, Tina Tan and her colleague, of Htek who participated in ITEXPO 2018. They were some of the most popular exhibitors at booth 518.

Pictured here is the third of three wonderful examples of the kinds of richtehrani-tmcnet-itexpo.jpgexperts you will meet at ITEXPO 2019, the CEO of TMCNet Rich Tehrani. He and his TMCnet team have given away 100s of 1000s of dollars in cash and cars at ITEXPO conferences, and I still think I may win one!

December 15, 2015, he predicted to occur by 2020, "Roughly everything you purchase will be connected, smart and potentially able to shift behavior. IoT will usher in the third Industrial Revolution and has the ability to change many markets—all at once."

Not a far-fetched statement! As I research and write this blog post, I've asked Amazon Echo Alexa to execute mathematical equations, to tell me what days of the week ITEXPO 2019 is on, synonyms for words that I am thinking of using and to get me info on different people and companies. Has it changed the way I behave? I work faster and more effectively because of "her." 

Next, I'll share with you people and companies like Anthony Minessale, Brian West, Sharon White and Michael Mavroudis of FreeSWITCH and Cluecon; Rev.io and Tigerpaw Software, who are yearly exhibitors and sponsors and presenters of ITEXPO. So come back and enjoy.

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