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March 2010

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Streamlining the Challenges of a Multi-Vendor Network

For network operators, streamlining the complexity of managing and maintaining a multi-vendor network is both daunting and full of opportunity with the mobile data explosion of 3G and long term evolution coming to fruition. As TMCnet reported, Alcatel-Lucent this week unveiled a variety of solutions aimed at addressing that mobile data explosion on both 3G and LTE networks. New is 2G and 3G Gateway GPRS Support Node functionality on Alcatel-Lucent's 7750 Service Router-based mobile packet core gateways. That means this gear can now be used in GPRS/EDGE, HSPA, HSPA+ and LTE networks. The 7750 SR has been in global LTE trials since 2009 and becomes generally available in the second half of 2010. Alcatel-Lucent also introduced the Wireless Mobility Manager this week, which enables service provider packet cores to support HSPA and HSPA+ as well as LTE. Lindsay Newell, vice president of marketing for Alcatel-Lucent's IP activities, tells TMCnet that the WMM delivers high performance signaling. As Paula Bernier reported,  smartphones generate a lot more signaling load on the network than do traditional cellular handsets because "they're a lot more chatty with the network," according to Newell. Also, where today mobile subscribers usually have one connection to the network - either using the phone or Internet capability, in the future people will have multiple sessions per device, so that will increase the signaling load as well, adds Newell of Alcatel-Lucent, a key supplier of next-generation wireless gear to industry leaders AT&T and Verizon Wireless. For organizations throughout the global infrastructure, the network is constantly evolving to keep up with the progress of innovative technologies. At the same time, subscriber user patterns are changing and wireless operators are searching for effective strategies for evolving LTE networks. The opportunities in harnessing the right solution are abundant.

Network Providers Can Monetize Subscriber Data Within the Advertising Ecosystem

By Susan J. Campbell

In traditional subscriber-based systems, network providers drove reliable revenues through consumer contracts. To increase revenue streams, providers needed to offer more services to the consumer that they would opt to purchase. Now, with the evolution of the advertising ecosystem, network providers can monetize their subscriber data in a whole new way.   Gone are the days when network providers would aim to "sell" information on their subscribers in order to drive additional revenue. In some industries this is now illegal and the increase in privacy consumer laws has virtually eliminated the potential to derive revenue from such methods, not to mention the fact consumers hate the process.

Bucking the Status Quo

Businesses across industries today cannot stay in business if they simply maintain the status quo. Network operators in particular must innovate to keep pace with user expectations for services and quality.    To satisfy the ever-growing demand for high-bandwidth content and enhanced services, service providers today must evolve not only their networks but also their business models. To increase profit margins and bolster bottom lines while continuing to meet customer expectations - and while contending with a variable, often unpredictable global economic environment.   Examples of this can be found in crossover competitors such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Each has been quick to take advantage of media convergence and non-traditional business models to get their piece of an increasing market share.

Keeping Pace with User Needs: Five Trends for Telco Providers

The days of status quo service are long over. Today, network operates need to stay innovative to adequate meet user expectations when it comes to services and quality. As consumers and end-users, alike, increasingly crave high-bandwidth content and better services, service providers need to evolve their strategy and change their business models to meet those needs.

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