Utilizing Mobile Smartloading to Offload Peak-Time Bandwidth Demand

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Utilizing Mobile Smartloading to Offload Peak-Time Bandwidth Demand

By Susan J. Campbell

How important is it to offer multi-screen services? Consumers want real-time access to information and entertainment through rich content delivery on a number of different devices. If their service provider cannot provide the same rich content on each device, they will look for one who can.

For those service providers seeking to launch successful multi-screen services, Alcatel-Lucent has the technical expertise and global experience to make it happen. This company can also provide the tools necessary to handle the bandwidth taxing services consumers want. Through proven performance, the company has proven that service providers can leverage the capabilities of their networks to enable applications and enter the digital media value chain.

When a service provider adopts an optimal approach for the distribution of media to consumers, they can better align all internal processes to achieve its strategic goals. In addition, proven business models will ensure the desired level of subscriber uptake is achieved. For the service provider hoping to build sustainable revenue streams, this approach is vital.

With Alcatel-Lucent's clearly-articulated multimedia strategy, the company puts into practice the proven and innovative thinking that led to the Application Enablement vision. The first step is the high leverage network that builds an open, flexible and robust framework to support rich multimedia content experiences.

The proper framework in place ensures the service provider can offer multiscreen services to drive reliable revenue. The Velocix Digital Media Delivery Platform, for instance, helps to provide dynamic caching which will enable the delivery of intelligently distributed multimedia content to all subscribers.

Alcatel-Lucent's Multimedia Integration Services ensure the service provider can develop and implement a comprehensive video strategy that will transform the assets of the service provider to offer customers an integrated, interactive multimedia experience. Subscribers receive the rich content they want on multiple screens though best-in-class solutions and end-to-end professional services put in place by Alcatel-Lucent.

Once these systems are in place, the service provider can use the mobile smartloading capabilities to offload the bandwidth demands experienced at peak times of service. This is essential for the service provider that hopes to be able to deliver the rich content consumers demand as this content is also taxing on available bandwidth.

In partnering with a company like Alcatel-Lucent, the service provider gains access to the capabilities necessary to drive the desired performance that will attract and keep customers. After all, a company that cannot deliver during peak time hours is one that won't have demand to meet other times of the day.

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