The 4G LTE Innovation Center at Verizon -- Envisioning and Helping Create the Wireless Future

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The 4G LTE Innovation Center at Verizon -- Envisioning and Helping Create the Wireless Future

By Erin Harrison

With 4G Long Term Evolution still in its infancy, collaboration between customers, suppliers, partners and entrepreneurs is vital to progress. A new Verizon facility that brings all those groups together to collaborate on new devices and services in a live 4G LTE network environment has provided just that dynamic.

When Verizon first envisioned its LTE Innovation Center, they imagined a place where customers, suppliers, partners and entrepreneurs could collaborate and work directly with 4G LTE technology in a live 4G LTE network environment.

“Today, we have just that place. And we’re seeing what’s possible when some of the most creative minds imaginable team up to innovate with 4G LTE technology,” wrote Brian Higgins in a recent article in the Alcatel-Lucent E-Zine Enriching Communications, "Verizon LTE Innovation Center Ignites 4G."

The LTE Innovation Center is unique because it combines a lab environment and an Experience Center where Verizon customers and other technology companies can see demonstrations of the latest 4G LTE innovations.

Before launching the Verizon 4G LTE network in December 2010, Verizon’s ecosystem partners had access to a network that replicated its planned commercial network, allowing Verizon and its partners to collaborate on new ideas.  Specifically, smaller companies that have expertise in their own technology but don’t necessarily have wireless expertise have been able to add 4G LTE technology to their products.

Among the more than 30 products that have a been developed and demonstrated at the LTE Innovation Center are:

  • LiveEdge and Nomad Innovations developed LiveEdge TV, the first embedded 4G LTE wireless solution for transmitting live, high-definition coverage of events for broadcast, cable or the Web. The 1.5-lb device attaches to video cameras so events can be covered in real time without expensive microwave, satellite or production units.
  • TouchTunes Interactive Networks uses the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE mobile broadband network in its fleet of Digital Jukeboxes across the United States. Last fall, TouchTunes released its myTouchTunes Mobile app allowing consumers to browse and search for music, access their personal playlists, play music from the jukebox, automatically post their plays to Facebook, Twitter and more.
  • VGo Communications has been working with the LTE Innovation Center to add the convenience of 4G LTE to its robotic telepresence product line. VGo allows an individual to see, hear, interact and independently move around in any remote site, enabling anyone to be anywhere.
Looking ahead, Verizon said its Innovation Center will showcase technologies beyond 4G LTE, potentially including LTE-Advanced. 

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