Alcatel-Lucent in Action: a year of progress and look to the future

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Alcatel-Lucent in Action: a year of progress and look to the future

By: Severine Lebre-Badre, VP Communications, PR & Corporate Sustainability, Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent in Action” is the story of one year of action to transform our company and position it for innovation and growth.


In June 2013, Alcatel-Lucent unveiled The Shift Plan: a 3-year repositioning and transformation strategy that refocused the company on IP networks, ultra-broadband access and cloud technologies — areas in which Alcatel-Lucent has extensive expertise and innovation strengths.  Since then, Alcatel-Lucent has concentrated all of its energy on the execution of The Shift Plan.

This month, we went live with a dynamic online annual review — Alcatel-Lucent in Action — which tells the story of those first 12 months, taking you behind the scenes of our innovation company determined to secure a strong future for itself at the forefront of the network industry.  It charts our progress from 4 perspectives: corporate strategy, market demand, technological innovation and employee engagement.  

With perspective from our people — including CEO Michel Combes — video essays on our innovation culture, key facts and statistics from the year and more, it paints a vivid picture of our drive to transform and deliver greater value to our customers and partners through innovation of our networks.

Accessible from any device (PC, laptop, tablets, smart phones), its streamlined design and ease of use will allow you (we hope) to quickly grasp the essence of The Shift Plan and how the company has become the master of its own destiny again.

I joined Alcatel-Lucent about 100 days ago and it has been a pleasure to contribute to shape this annual review which is not only our way of communicating what has been achieved, but also what we stand for, and what we want to build.

I welcome your feedback. Please participate in our 1 min survey and we will donate 1 Euro to Alcatel-Lucent Foundation, dedicated to helping youth innovate in the digital economy.

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