Olympics Power New Technology Usage

Event-viewing used to require physical attendance, but today, consumers throughout the world can be first-hand witnesses of live events from their televisions, computers and/or mobile devices.

With the opening of the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing last Friday, new technology is being used more than ever before.
NBC executives explained they were shocked at how many people have never used their mobile devices to download media or stream video before the 2008 Olympics.
"To some extent, the Olympics are beginning to influence how people use new technology," said Alan Wurtzel, research president for NBC Universal.
After reading the article, NBC Records Viewing Habits for Olympic Games by one of our editors, Susan Campbell, I was amazed to find that U.S. citizens downloaded close to 1.7 million video streams of Monday's swimming relay where the U.S. team came from behind to beat France. This news release also revealed that 1.5 million video streams were e-mailed from one person to another
NBC has worried in the past that airing events on cable outlets would take interest away from prime time TV, but it seems the opposite appears to be true. In fact, the increased attention to the digital world seems to boost network viewing, generating a great return on NBC's investment in the games.
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