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Satellite Radio

You really should vet the material that you put in federal filings. Vonage learned that when they explained their technology enough in their IPO paperwork to enlist a patent infringement case from, well, everyone. In the Sirius-XM merger, it seems that neither company was operating within the 1997 FCC rules that established their charter. (How very RBOC of them). (see story)

Now Big Media (in this case Viacom) is yelling because the F agencies decided to approve the merger. It appears that Sirius doesn't compete with XM. Duh?

Consumers pick one or go back to old radio. Not many consumers would buy two different satellite devices. That's while the rule was that every device (satellite receiver) was supposed to be able to work with both broadcasters. -- And they did not. [Actually, according to Y! news, they did develop an inter-operable radio but no manufacturer would make it. It wouldn't be subsidized so who would buy it?

There were other rules ignored, including "You can't merge." Pish posh. Rules are for little people.

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