11 Ways to Market Your Event

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11 Ways to Market Your Event

We are organizing BarCampTampaBay for Oct. 11 & 12, 2008 at USF College of Business. These are the first 11 ways we are marketing this event:

  • Local bloggers - contact, invite, interact with.
  • Local organizations like the Chambers of Commerce.
  • LinkedIn - your network first!
  • MeetUp.com - create a group, just $75.
  • Eventful.com, Upcoming.yahoo.com, Craigslist - free event listings
  • Newspapers - weekly, commununity, and trade. Magazines, too.
  • twitter - again your network first.
  • podcast about it and get others to do so; interview with podcasters.
  • create a website or a blog
  • eventbrite.com for sign-up sheet
  • make a Facebook group

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Not the run-of-the-mill, same ol' tips - these are good! Thank you! We have events to market, and will certainly use these ideas.

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