GenBand's M6 Acquired by Broadsoft

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GenBand's M6 Acquired by Broadsoft

A couple of clients use GenBand. They are in for a shock today as Broadsoft announced "their acquisition of GENBAND's M6 Communication Applications Server, formerly VocalData, product line and related customer base." Broadsoft will now have 435 client companies.

Broadsoft says, "Yes, a bit of consolidation and widening of partnerships .... I think it will serve the M6 customer base very well."

On a CLEC listserv, the discussion recently was about this space - the Hosted VoIP Application Services space. Now it comes down to Sylantro and Broadsoft really. This probably means more folks will do "proprietary" systems like VOX and FreedomVoice. It is certainly an industry of smaller players who can't fork over the money for the Broadsoft system; like to Do-It-Yourself; and dislike licensing. There is the scale factor. Obviously, Sylantro and Broadsoft can demonstrate scale, but can a proprietary system or an Asterisk-based system? Probably not. But then it may not have to. Many of the Asterisk-based providers won't see an issue until there are more than 300 simultaneous calls going through the box. That means at least 1200 lines. That is a munch of customers. More than many VoIP Providers get. (Which is why the VoIP Orig/Term market is so fragmented as well).

We can discuss this more at IT Expo West in 18 days. (Join the Facebook group). Ping me about doing dinner on the 16th. Have a great weekend!

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