Video Crosses the Chasm

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Video Crosses the Chasm

Video hasn't really hit mainstream yet, except as consumer entertainment in the form of pirated movies, Hulu and YouTube. As a communications medium such as video email, video phone and video conferencing (including tele-presence), it has not taken off yet.

When talking with consultants, coaches, and other work-at-home types, not a one of them wants to do video calling. They don't want to get dressed for it. The office space is too cluttered to be in the background. It isn't as easy as it sounds. The broadband connection isn't up to speed most of the time.

How does that translate into a communications tool?

Cisco and VidTel (as well as Grandstream and some other hardware players) are big proponents of video communications. Even MLM companies like EyeJot and Talk Fusion with a push from former Tampa Bucs Mike Alsott, couldn't gain video email traction.  As I explained to a few, I get mega amounts of email daily - not a one has been video thus far.

In an article on Vnunet, a study points out both pros and cons of video conferencing, especially for tele-workers: "The study found that, compared to traditional voice or text-only communication, video can help to reduce the effects of culture and personality clashes. However, it can also heighten anxiety and self-consciousness, meaning that businesses need to help employees develop the right skills to make the most of these too."

Many SMB's just don't have the policy or skill or understand of technology in order to leverage it properly for productivity or efficiency gains. (This holds true for most technology and social media use.) That's the barrier.

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