Is Verizon Serious About the Channel?

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Is Verizon Serious About the Channel?

In my opinion, NO.  With all the information that you must provide them in order for the Verizon system to do "Segmentation", it is too cumbersome. Segmentation is the process through which they decide if the company is VZT, VZB, wholesale, carrier, etc.

If your customer is delivering a circuit to another business, the process goes up in smoke. It's resale.

Everything about dealing with Verizon is a PITA. The commissions aren't enough to jump through their hoops. It explains the success that resellers are having with the Verizon product line.

Rule one is make it easy to do business with you. 

But then, VZ just bought Alltel and doesn't really need an agent channel because it is looking to kill off its competition. VZ has been ignoring CPNI rules by contacting customers when they get a request to transfer phone numbers. Cable companies have petitioned the FCC for a ruling and are taking it to court. Smaller CLEC's are having issues at the Florida PSC with getting a ruling against Verizon for infractions, but not getting any disciplinary or enforcement help.  This is what deregulation, lobbying and special interests have done to this country. You think Blagojevich is the only politician to have sold interests? PUH-LEASE!  I as mad as Lee Iaccoca is about the apathy this country shows for the troubles we are in.

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