Biz Travel Trends Are Annoying

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Biz Travel Trends Are Annoying

USA Today has the latest business travel trends. While it looks like prices are dropping, in fact, it's only the base airfare ticket price that is dropping. With all ancillary fees airlines add, you are likely paying more for your ticket - and according to what I hear at airports, your final ticket price is unknown until you get home and add it all up.

Airlines are cutting schedules which means we are back to bumping on flights (as I saw in Vegas). Also, if you get bumped or miss a flight, see you tomorrow. Not as many flights.

It's all about the airlines at this point. Customers are nothing more than a body to suck revenue off.

Hotels are learning from airlines. USA Today says that they will start eliminating amenities like fruit in the lobby, newspapers, and shampoo. Great. I hate the nickel and dime mentality.

The USA Today also writes, "Meetings are another casualty of the economic downturn. A recent survey conducted by Meeting Planners International and American Express indicated 7% of 2009 meetings had already been canceled, and meeting attendance is expected to be down by 5%."  I'm not sure about that. There are more conferences then ever before on my horizon. Many are smaller and niche but the number is growing. And I haven't seen a decline in attendance either.  Good time to book holidays though!

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