So You Want to Go Retail?

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So You Want to Go Retail?

When I talk with vendors in this space, they often suggest that getting into Costco or some other Big Box retailer would make their day. My father was a salesperson for P&G for 20 years working with Sam's, BJ's, Stop & Shop and other big chain grocers in New England. (Yes, even Stew Leonard). These chains re-designed aisles based on who was paying for what shelf space - and who was sending in labor to re-configure the aisle.

There's a good blog post here about marketing computer parts. Packaging, shelf location, colors, "The Offer", coupons, and more - all affect the retailing of a product.  You will have to fight for space for each SKU. There will be co-marketing funds needed. Your packaging will be very important - from color, to graphics, to wording, to message.

You'll still need to market to the end user too to drive traffic and demand for your product.  Getting on the shelf isn't the end-all. It's just a step.

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