Verizon Profits Down

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Verizon Profits Down

After dumping New England on Fairpoint and cashing in on that garage sale, Verizon bought Alltel. Now it is dumping more rural lines on Frontier. All of this is just Verizon's way of shoring up its stock report. Without the kickers from the Fairpoint transaction and the spurt from Alltel, my bet is that the company would be showing a loss. CNET reports that its profits are down.

It's pouring money into M&A, FiOS, LTE, 3G, International backbone, and Advertising. Especially Advertising. I get something everyday from Verizon. Even at 50 cents per mailer, that's almost $10 per month on one prospect. 

It's about to dump big bucks in a conversion to LTE for its VZW network to keep saying its the best network. But that is after it integrates the Alltel network. Oh, and after it settles things with the rural cellular companies who are tired of VZW squeezing them. Remember that they just built the 3G network, so that debt isn't paid up yet. And cell phone subsidies are increasing to compete with the fact that folks want the iPhone or the Android. 

The FiOS build out is costly. I read that VZ claims it is under $900 per home passed. No one else in the industry has a number that low. Most are closer to $2000 per home passed. Customer take rate is about 21-22%. How many of those are just upgraded DSL subs? 2.5M FiOS TV subs now - some from cable but some from DISH Network, I'll bet. (Still no mention of the 500K voice lines Bright House took from VZ in greater Tampa Bay).

Lots of M&A activity to hide the fact that its growth is stalled and that it has to be taking on huge debt from Alltel, upgrades and Customer Acquisition.

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