The New FCC on Apple about VoIP

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The New FCC on Apple about VoIP

After Google Voice was rejected by the Apple iPhone store, the new FCC - Chairman Julius Genachowski, and Commissioners Michael Copps, Robert McDowell, Mignon Clyburn, and Meredith Attwell Baker - was prodded into action by Google. The FCC sent a letter to Apple about the GV Rejection. (Read it here). The Letter (DA No. 09-1737) has nine very specific questions to be answered by Apple and AT&T by August 21.

The New FCC also sent a Letter (DA No. 09-1739) to Google concerning Apple's rejection of the Google Voice for iPhone Application.  The questions are not nearly as pointed but are specific. It seems the New FCC wants to make certain that VoIP isn't excluded from handsets. It also seems like the New FCC wants other "carriers" to have a fair shot at the cellular network. (It's our spectrun after all; the carriers are just leasing it).

This makes me think that FreedomVoice should complain about their Newber app that was stalled in the iPhone store process as well.

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