Battle of the Bells

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Battle of the Bells

On the ChannelVision LinkedIn Group, there is a discussion about the ad wars between VZW and AT&T Mobility. Ho hum. Who cares? One Bell battling another like two children.  Every time I see the AT&T ads, I think, "Weak!"

Doesn't AT&T listen to its customer base? At the Broadsoft Connections event, where iPhones were about half the phones in use, many found them unusable because the network was too busy. (Busy signals?)

The problem for AT&T is that when they lose the iPhone exclusivity they will learn quickly how much their network is lacking. AT&T can sqawk about 2.5G versus 3G all day, but if the user experience is poor, that's the story. Period.

I find it funny that VZ only has commercials where they poke fun at the competition - whether its AT&T or cable. Here's an idea: spend more time talking to your customers. That's your best investment. Your FiOS TV service is horrible. It makes so many weird sounds, it almost makes TV unwatchable. (I have Bright House at my condo, but I miss DISH.)

Final thought to both Bells: spend your ad dollars and your lobbying millions on Customer Service and Upgrading your network. That will work more than any amount of crap ads and direct mail. 

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