Reclaim Some VoIP Gear

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Reclaim Some VoIP Gear

VoIP Supply LLC launched a program to buy back VoIP equipment named Reclaim. "Reclaim allows sellers of used and legacy equipment to undertake an easy four step process to receive fair market value for their equipment, " states Garrett Smith, Director of Marketing and Business Development at VoIP Supply.

Reclaim gives sellers a partial rebate on legacy equipment, which may allow them to upgrade their VoIP technology.

The Reclaim program is on track to buyback $2 million worth of used and legacy VoIP equipment in 2010. I wonder if VoIP Supply will be refurbing, recycling or re-selling the equipment?

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Thanks for the write-up Peter.

To answer your question, VoIP Supply is doing two different things with the equipment purchased through Reclaim depending on the conditioned of the equipment.

If the equipment is in good working condition, it is completely reconditioned. If the equipment is not working or if it does not pass inspection, it is properly recycled.

Overall the program has been a great success. It has allowed a number of companies who couldn't afford to make the switch to VoIP with their traditional technology budget to get into a VoIP solution.

Using VoIP can significantly reduce your telecommunications costs. You can use your VoIP system anywhere not depending on where you are, for example, in business trip, in hotel, or at home. Also, you can talk on your laptop. Voip providers. VoIP systems allow you to do things that are simply not possible with traditional phone technology. You can talk as often and as long as you like for free.

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