HD Voice Coming to the Cloud

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HD Voice Coming to the Cloud

Today, the Cloud Communications Allianceā„¢ launched at the Cloud Computing Expo in NYC. The Cloud Comm Alliance consists of 8 ITSP members: Alteva, Broadcore, Callis Communications, Consolidated Technologies Inc., IPFone, SimpleSignal, Stage 2 Networks and Telesphere. [see member profiles here]. The consortium will drive development and adoption of the first nationwide high-definition enterprise voice and data network in the IP Cloud. Nationwide Peering will provide HD quality voice for on-net customers.

"All eight CCA founding companies use an industry-leading software platform provided by BroadSoft to provide enterprises and consumers with a range of cloud-based, or hosted, IP multimedia communications, such as hosted-IP private branch exchanges, video calling, unified communications, collaboration, and converged mobile and fixed-line services."

I'll be interested to see how the Sandbox works out since there are already so many app stores including Broadsoft Xtended Marketplace, Aastra's XML apps, and Polycom.

What is The Cloud except an application server architecture? What is Hosted PBX but an apllication server architecture?

This alliance might be the impetus for greater adoption of HD Voice (if many more ITSP's join in - or if Level3 and NGT sign up), which will make @robin_sager and @DougonIPComm very happy. It will also give the ITSP an edge over the Duopoly - a much needed edge.

Another possible outcome would be the advancement of a "Super SIP Trunk" that does more than offer a cost savings over a PRI. Applications from The Cloud over the SIP Trunk as well as SIP-enabled devices is where the value will be found in the future. Hopefully sooner not later.

About Cloud Communications Alliance

The Cloud Communications Alliance brings together leading Cloud Communications providers Alteva, Broadcore, Callis Communications, Consolidated Technologies Inc., IPFone, SimpleSignal, Stage 2 Networks and Telesphere to promote development of the Cloud Communications category. The Alliance is aggressively pursuing new technical standards, capabilities and applications. The Alliance harnesses the power of each member's individual networks and systems to create a seamless, nationwide HD voice network that delivers outstanding voice quality, apps, features and cost savings. For more information about the Cloud Communications Alliance, visit www.cloudcommunicationsalliance.com.

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