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Tampa as an iPhone App Hub

Tampa Bay may not be a top tech hub in the US, but I think that we certainly hold our own when it comes to iPhone Application Development. We have a few shining stars in that department and I have had the pleasure of meeting them when I was organizing the original BarCamp Tampa Bay.

First up is Jody Haneke of Haneke Design. Haneke has an impressive list of clients and recently completed an iPhone app for HP. Haneke was on stage at DEMO 2009 in the fall with fellow Tampa CEO Steve Tingiris of Enthusem.com, when Enthusem launched with its Haneke designed iPhone app. (Enthusem has a Blackberry app designed by another Tampa Bay firm). Jody is a frequent speaker, especially on the use of mobile apps as marketing tools.

Next up is Charles Armstrong of Spark Labs, who a few have called Steve Jobs of Tampa Bay. He certainly looked the part at TEDX Tampa Bay, when Armstrong demonstrated his latest iPhone app, TourWrist. I can't really explain it; you need to watch the video. 

And we have the Suncoast iPhone Dev MeetUp headed up by Barry Ezell. Ezell is helped by one of my co-conspirators in BarCamp Tampa Bay, Gavin Stark. They are at the edge as the next meetup (on April 13) is on iPad dev. If you want to catch up with the bright tech stars in Greater Tampa Bay, you have at least 2 chances: at BarCamp Sarsota on April 16-17, 2010 and at BarCamp Tampa Bay in October, 2010. Both events are free.

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The Tampa iPhone group is also very strong and we have many local developers who have apps in the App Store. If you are doing iPhone development in the area you should check out the group. It is accommodating to newbies and hard-core-experts alike.

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