A Big Outage Day!

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A Big Outage Day!

Twitter is down. (And a few million people have nothing to do).

Facebook is experiencing issues as well.  I guess people will just have to work today.

AT&T's cellular network is down in Tampa Bay. (And a few thousand iPhone users are cursing.)

A point: you can't count on another network - twitter, Facebook, Google or any other - for your business. It's outside your control - and at the price of free, well, you can't have expectations of four 9's uptime. (As you can see, AT&T can't even keep its cellular network up four 9's.)  NING should have been a lesson to folks: when Ning stopped its free option, many networks had to move or pay. You should expect the same in the future -- or build it yourself or have a back-up plan.  But foremost the content you build should be on your own site (or backed up).

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