How Much is Too Much?

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How Much is Too Much?

I was invited into yet another LinkedIn group today. This time from Telarus. Why? There are groups from Phone+ (Channel Partner Network), ChannelVision Magazine, Independent Telecom Consultants, Peer-to-Peer, Telecom Business Daily, Telecom Executives Business Network, Telecom Sales Pros, Telecommunications Professionals Network, and the Technology Channel Association.

A couple of months ago, a TCA Board member started Channel Update, kind of in direct conflict with what we were doing at TCA. In fact, it would have been wonderful if that company could have put that particpation into TCA's online effort.

So when I get yet another invite for yet another telecom group on LinkedIn from yet another Master Agent, I have to ask Why do we keep fragmenting our Industry? 

Many discussions have to be cross-posted across several groups to get any kind of response. There just isn't that much online activity for the 10 groups. heck, there isn't that much activity for 8 groups. 

TCA is holding a member conference call to discuss How to Choose a Master Agent. It should be interesting, because the main thing that Master Agents use as a differentiator is the commission points. Masters complain that agents are shopping their orders around to get the best commission, but what other differentiator is there? Money is not a Loyalty maker. 

Nor is a selfish attitude. If you aren't helping to build the Channel. If you aren't being generous to the agent community. Why should the agent community have loyalty to you?

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