A Few Days of News

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A Few Days of News

The FCC has written a protectic order for Inter-Carrier Compensation finally! "Developing a Unified Inter-Carrier Compensation Regime, establishing just and reasonable rates, Connect America, high-cost universal Service Support and the National broadband Plan for Our Future. Adopted a Protective Order in this proceeding." (Dkt No. 10-90 01-92 05-337 07-135 09-51)  Just means that you can provide data redacted for privacy. But it does mean that the FCC is moving forward.

Neutral Tandem is acquiring TINET SpA. As Rob Powell explains besides being a switching platform, NT also runs an MPLS network. Now it will run an IP and Ethernet network too. Perhaps, another Ethernet Exchange is going to open?

Master Agency TBI in Chicago hires Mike Saxby, former Phone+ group publisher, as Chief Strategic Officer. Good luck, Mike, on this new step!

RCN Metro was bought by ARBY partners and re-launches as Sidera Networks.

SUTUS adds Intelligient call routing.

NJ government phone bills get auditing: "A recent audit of New Jersey's telecommunications billing and contracting procedures found major flaws totaling more than $3 million in wasted taxpayer dollars."

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