What's Up with the New MegaPath

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What's Up with the New MegaPath

MegaPath just completed its three-way merger with Covad and Speakeasy. I had some questions for the company and Rich Sabin, Director of Marketing, was nice enough of answer them.


1. Now that Speakeasy, Covad and MegaPath are one organization, how will this affect the Channel (Agents)?

The New MegaPath remains committed to serving our partners, and we are in the process of rolling out an exciting new Channel Partner Program later this year. In the meantime, it's business as usual for each of our partner groups, but with the combination of the three companies' products, our partners now have the opportunity to sell even more products than before. Partners should contact their respective partner manager for more information.


2. What is the product mix that MegaPath is hoping the Channel will focus selling?

With the combination of the three companies, the New MegaPath has a more robust product offering, including more IP voice, security, VPN and Internet services. This will benefit our customers and partners alike, as they will have a wider variety of options, including different price points to choose from to suit their unique needs.


3.  Why is the company branding itself as an MSLEC as opposed to a DLEC or CLEC? What's the significance of that? 

Unlike a CLEC or DLEC, MegaPath provides end-to-end managed services over a nationwide, facilities-based IP network.  


4.  So Covad stays strictly wholesale, Speakeasy and MegaPath, both former customers of Covad, concentrate on SMB space, correct?

Covad will remain a wholesale provider and the name will not change until 2011. MegaPath will serve SMB and Enterprise markets.


5. The press release mentions "Small, medium and large enterprises will now benefit from a new service provider that is willing to invest in advanced services, while remaining heavily focused on customer service."  What investment will MegaPath be making in "Advanced Services"? And what are some examples of such services?

MegaPath is currently evaluating investments in a number of areas, including VoIP, network-based security, and wireless data.

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