Lots of Shorts

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Lots of Shorts

So HD Voice isn't quite taking off as expected.Sorry Doug. A lot more VoIP Peering required yet.

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Big surprise as Windstream lays off 220 Iowa Telecom employees. It's called synergies of consolidation.

Qwest has taken to Twitter like Comcast and XO.

Surprisedly, the Pennsylvania PUC puts conditions on the Qwest-CenturyLink merger including rate freeze and broadband buildout requirements. How will they enforce them?

VoIP Supply announces DEPLOY, "a suite of nationwide VoIP installation services aimed at business that don't have the time or technical acumen to properly install a VoIP solution. Through Deploy businesses can make the evaluation and installation of a VoIP system quick, easy and affordable." I thought they were rolling out a fulfillment system.

Level3 is hiring a VP of Channel and Alliances.

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