A New Case of Huh?

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A New Case of Huh?

So back in July, a client asked me to migrate 14 POTS lines from one location to a new office as well as take them back from a CLEC. The CLEC was a rebiller (non-facilities based) and kind of messed up the move. The CLEC continued to be a fly in the ointment through out the process. Ma Bell used every excuse in the book on this one as well.

I am certain that a direct AE would have had to do far less pushing and shoving to get this Winback migrated and installed. Persistence pays off.

So the lines are turned up. I check in BOCRIS and guess what? Billing name is not the client but the CLEC. WTH? How is that even possible? Anyway... I had to get that straightened out before I could add Caller ID to the phone lines.

Customer calls me this week to move one line to yet another location. Order is rejected due to collections. Huh? Turns out the client never received a bill from Bell for two months. I check in BOCRIS that the name and address are correct. They are. Okay. Call VSC. "Please call the Business Office." So I do. Business Office IVR shanks the pass to Collections who can't wrap his head around they didn't get a bill. Finally, get him to email a bill to client. Then, bam!

"Does the customer want to make a payment to turn the service back on?"

"What? I didn't know that it was shut off."

"Yes on the 16th." (Today is the 19th).

"One moment, please." (I dial main number on my cell and the client answers).

WTH? It's this kind of chaos that makes it so hard to deal with the ILEC. Telecom is so Broken!

It's also this kind of mess that is a perfect example of why Hosted VoIP is better. Want to move? Plug the phone in. We'll update the E-911 database. Have a nice day. Sheesh!

Sucks too because agent commissions on M2M POTS lines from Bell are miniscule now.

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