Want to Buy Some Florida Fiber?

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Want to Buy Some Florida Fiber?

Over on Telecom Ramblings, Rob Powell talks about how metro fiber assets are for sale. In Florida, we have some smaller fiber players.

One such player started asTruWave Networks. TruWave was financed by $25M in investor cash and run by former Level3 VP Frank Mambuca. A buddy of mine worked there. "TruWave's network stretches 640 route miles. It has a direct connection into the Network Access Point, or NAP, of the Americas in Miami," according to a 2008 article by Naples News

There was another company associated with TruWave called Kent Technologies LLC, with ties to the same investment company, Shoreline. It seems that TruWave is now US Metropolitan Telecom. (Same ASN and address).

Back in May, US Metrocom was supposed to be acquired by Cinnabar Ventures, but that was called off. "US Metro's network includes 366 fiber route miles and wavelengths connecting Fort Myers, Naples, Miami, Tampa and Orlando, with significant fiber penetration in the metro areas of both Fort Myers and Naples," according to their website. 366 is about half of the 640 that TruWave boasted.

The Fort Myers area has had a few fiber plays. None really that big. I think that the investors were sold on fiber being a good idea with the Florida housing boom going on. The Fort Myers-Naples area was expected to grow to over 3 million people, which would seem like an ideal area to drop in fiber during the building. However, the housing boom went bust in Florida in a big way. It certainly affects business when that happens.

The other VC-backed fiber play in the area is T3 Communications. In 2007, T3 had a reported 50 employees and $5M in revenue. Since then T3 has moved to selling WiMax and built a data center in Winter Haven (Florida), a safe distance from the Gulf Shores. Besides data, Internet Access, collocation and WiMax, T3 also offers cloud, managed services, voice, cabling, DSL and Ethernet. Seems like a lot.

The CEO is Adam Sewall, whose Linkedin profile has this statement: "Hi Folks - Things are going very well here at T3 Communications. We are looking for potential acquisitions CLEC's (facilities based and business based please), WISP's and fiber providers. We are interested in strategic partnerships with PEG's and IB's as well." So I guess M&A is still looking good, even in Florida.

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