XO Comments on L3-GC but not T-T

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XO Comments on L3-GC but not T-T

XO Communications filed comments with the FCC that some media outlets said ripped the merger of Level3 and Global Crossing. Rodrego A. Byerly tweeted that it smacked of a spurned suitor. Maybe it was. XO issued a statement that the L3-GC merger was not in the public interest.

When I saw the tweet from @XOComm, I asked if they had filed comments against the AT&T-T-Mobile merger. The reply: We did not.

HUH? How can you say a merger of 2 of the 10 Tier 1 ISP's in the US (VZ, ATT, Qwest/C-Link/Savvis, XO, Cogent, NTT, Level3, Sprint, Global Crossing, Comcast) will affect public interest, but that the merger of 2 of the Top 4 cellcos isn't? Except that it doesn't really affect XO's business, since they aren't in the cell business, but are in the ISP backbone business. Just plain interesting.

I ripped on Sprint since Dan Hesse is everywhere jawing about the cellco merger, but no one is minding the Sprint store of fixing its own troubles to better compete, especially during the integration. (And get back to branding the wireline business you have. Sprintlink DIA is awesome!)

I'll rip on XO here for a similar reason. Carl Icahn has spent so much time and money playing Board politics that the XO boat has been sitting idle in the harbor. Icahn just won the ability to buy the last of the outstanding stock so maybe he will poo-or-get-off-the-pot at this stage. Meaning: sell it or invest in it. The employees and the marketplace distrust uncertainty. That would be more effective defense against a hyper-competitive backbone marketplace than a PR blitz against the merger.

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