3 Reasons that Video Conferencing is Better than Travel

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3 Reasons that Video Conferencing is Better than Travel

I write this from an hour delayed American Air flight to Chicago. I started my 75 day travel schedule last week and sitting on this plane makes me wish I could afford NetJets! The screaming kids in the aisle next to me and the one behind me. (My fault for not buying noise canceling headphones.)

The guy with body odor in front of me.

The hour long delay for no apparent reason.

The tiny ass seat.

The long lines to board as people carry EVERYTHING on the plane which results in the delay in exiting the plane.

Did I say just 3? Sorry. There is also the expense (financial and health) and the carbon footprint worry.

Unfortunately, video conferencing can't really replace a trade show, the face-to-face networking, and the bonding over a meal, coffee or cocktail.

Video conferencing would eliminate most of the expense account for meals, cocktails, strippers, cabs and other conference related receipts.

Video conferencing would allow for a more intimate face-to-face conversation than email, text or voice - the primary means of communications by everyone younger than me. Tone and other speech capacities cannot be expressed in one dimensional messaging like email and text. It takes voice or video. (We get more than 70% of our communications cues from sight.)

Video conferencing for training or a sales call would diminish the travel, at least in the follow up stages. While I appreciate face-to-face communications, there are times when video conferencing could replace that without weakening the relationship or experience.

Video conferencing would get me away from the noise, body odor and cramped feelings I get flying commercial, but it would mean that I couldn't moderate CPZ and make my fellow agents laugh a little.

It also means that I would have to shower and dress for work every day.

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