I Think I'm Allergic to Power Point

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I Think I'm Allergic to Power Point

Using slides with the Guy Kawasaki method of presentation - big font, just keywords versus reading me the word document that you call a slide.

Even in a keynote, the speaker (a senior VP) read the slides in between commercials. I hope you don't present this way to bankers and VC's.

I get the fear of speaking part, but if you tell a story in place of stuffing tons of data or tidbits into the preso, the audience will be very appreciative.

Thomas Howe is presenting at the Cloud Communications Summit this week. Check him out because he knows his stuff. That EMBRASE group is bringing you Robert Metcalfe on Wed. at the Startup Camp @ITEXPO.

We have Social CRM Expo here in Austin (I'm moderating two panels in that track Wed.). One thing about Social Media is to ENGAGE your audience. Speakers should remember that.  Do you watch Big Bang Theory on CBS? Sheldon learns that spouting off info to a classroom will end badly. Why? Teaching requires entertainment. It is the responsibility of the presenter to garner the attention of the audience members. I'm not the best speaker, but I try hard each time to give the audience a take-away. I aim to improve with each session. I listen to feedback, so if you think I suck, tell me. Thanks.

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