To One of the Weird Ones

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To One of the Weird Ones

So your streams are probably filled with Steve Jobs links today. For repeating some of it here I apologize in advance. Seth Godin wrote a short eulogy to Steve Jobs yesterday. He spoke about the devices he created. I think it is more than that.  Jobs definitely poked the box. He not only Thought Differently, he took huge risks. He was a Linchpin. What should you learn from him?

In his 2005 Stanford commencement speech, Jobs talks about his life lessons, including failing. Lesson # 1: If Jobs could risk it all in the spotlight - time and again - and fail - and climb back up to risk it all again - why can't you do it just once? Don't just read the eulogy - learn the lesson. Without Risk there is No Reward.

Lesson # 2 from that same speech: Do What You Love! Slogging through life is no way to go through life. There's no practice run. It's one and out. And you could be out sooner than you know - Jobs was only 56.

High MacLeod of GapingVoid released a cartoon in eulogy for Jobs. It sums up my thoughts. Even though I am not an Apple fanboy, I have to respect the way he revolutionized the design of devices. He destroyed whole industries - mp3 players, laptops, cellphones - by making something that basically made the Big Players look lazy, unimaginative and lackluster. Think about it. (I'll wait.) The Walkman series is gone. Creative Labs. Blackberry. (I love my Blackberry, but after the iPhone and Android, this company faultered.) Motorola. All with design.

I rag on FB because it's like they don't have any people there that know how to program at all. Like they just slap code here and there randomly to make a clunky interface that always has parts failing. Take a lesson from iTunes. I don't use iTunes, but, holy cow do people love that site. The UX (user experience) is the primary focus. If only VoIP companies had some Steve Jobs in them. Lesson # 3: Get Inspired.

Here's to the Crazy One. The Genius. Rest in Peace.

May the rest of us push the limits of imagination instead of just pushing out me-too crap and spinning it as something special.

Lesson # 4: have Imagination. He was CEO and co-founder of Pixar. That takes imagination and creativity.

Lesson # 5 might be to Love. Apple's Board released a statement that Steve's greatest love was for his wife. Even he couldn't work all the time.

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