MicroCorp Acquires Another

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MicroCorp Acquires Another


Master Agent MicroCorp announced yesterday another acquisition (following the purchase of 5 Star Communications in June).

Combined the Company will be the largest Telecom Agency on the East Coast.

MicroCorp will also expand its portfolio by signing a strategic partnership agreement with Premier Solutions Group, LLC to provide Technology Solutions throughout the United States.

Atlanta, GA & Lancaster, PA - December 7th 2011 - MicroCorp, Inc., the Nation's leading Telecom Master Agency, announces today the signing of a definitive agreement under which they have acquired the assets of Premier Management Group (PMG) of Lancaster Pennsylvania. PMG is a business unit of Premier Companies, LLC and provides managed telecom solutions to small, medium and enterprise sized business customers throughout the Northeast.

This strategic relationship will allow MicroCorp to expand its portfolio of services through a partnership agreement with Premier Solutions Group, LLC (PSG), thereby allowing MicroCorp to provide converged single-source-solutions to its nationwide distribution channel.

MicroCorp will retain the "Premier" brand and operate PMG as a wholly owned subsidiary that will collaborate with PSG in providing integrated and converged telecom and technology solutions. The Company will continue to operate from the Premier Office Building in Lancaster, PA, alongside the PSG team. PSG will increase its focus on application development, managed services, Cisco advanced technologies such as wireless, voice, video, data center and security, while also launching some voice cloud services through a soon-to-be announced joint venture.

The PMG and MicroCorp transaction closed on December 7th and the full integration of operations will be completed by February 1st 2012.

It's an example of the channel side consolidation. As carriers acquire cloud and managed services companies, master agencies are bulking up to migrate from a transaction only model as well.

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