So You Want to Speak at ITEXPO

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So You Want to Speak at ITEXPO

As we get ready for the conference season again, I would like to pass on some wisdom to you from Ice T's 10 rules of public speaking : "Practice. Then, practice some more." Please, just run through what you are going to say at least once before you sit in that panel chair. For IGNITE sessions, speakers typically practice 10 times for just 5 minutes!

And keynotes: Don't kill us with your presentation.

But also make it interesting - not a freaking commercial! I know you want to pitch your company like the shill executive with stock options you are, but remember that it is the audience's time too.

You are representing your company on that stage. If you are unprepared, tired, bored, distracted, boring, looking at your phone instead of the audience, it leaves an impression on the audience. A Brand is the sum total of experiences with your company, employees, services, etc. It has impact.

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