Verizon is in the News a Lot

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Verizon is in the News a Lot

Hands off the Internet!

Sen. Alex Padilla: Bill will preserve hands-off regulatory approach toward VOIP.

VZW and T-Mobile are at odds over SpectrumCo spectrum with Verizon saying T-Mobile is hypocritical about spectrum. "Verizon told the FCC in a filing Monday that T-Mobile is two-faced in opposing the SpectrumCo deal because its parent company is telling investors it has excess network capacity while T-Mobile is telling the FCC it has too little." That seems to be typical for both T's - tell the FCC one thing and investors another. Anything to get what you want - stock price up, access to capital and more spectrum.

On the other side of VZ, FiOS is racing to speeds of 300Mbps for about $205. That isn't exactly what the FCC had in mind. It wants cheaper broadband (4MB x 1MB) available to more people, not faster speeds available to just a few.

VZW made a $612M bid for an M2M company. "Hughes Telematics (HTI) offers a portfolio of location-based services for manufacturer, aftermarket, fleet and dealer services provided through two-way broadband connectivity to the vehicle. HTI is implementing the next generation of connected services for the automobile in safety and security, according to its website.

VZW rolls out Viewdini, a mobile device app that allows VZW subscribers to search for video content. Subscribers are still subject to the cap. This app will just help them get there faster. If you don't have enough spoectrum, why are you pushing your subscribers to use more video????

IN non-verizon news, C Spire Wireless (formerly Cellular South Inc. owned by the same folks as Telepak) is suing AT&T, Qualcomm and Motorola for anti-trust. The dispute is over the fact that C Spire can't get access to 4G LTE devices. Many smaller cell companies are in the same boat. There's also a dispute about blocking its plans for 700 MHz spectrum. No competitor has won an anti-trust complaint against VZ or AT&T, despite the fact that both act like a monopoly, litigate and lobby to gain advantage, and step all over their wholesale customers - CLEC's and ISP's.

FCC approves spectrum changes for Sprint and hospitals. "For Sprint, the FCC changed the rules that govern how the 800MHz band - acquired with Nextel - of the spectrum is used." It would help Sprint with 4G, except that isn't really one of their problems. With Clearwire, Sprint has plenty of spectrum. What it doesn't have is Deployment and Customers in a vast amount.

And since the FCC loves tele-medicine so much, it granted some spectrum for medical devices. "The FCC also approved a second set of spectrum-use rules, regulating the 2360-2400 MHz band for use in hospitals as a "Medical Body Area Network," or MBAN. The MBAN will allow doctors to hook their patients up to the physiological sensors like EEGs, heart monitors or neo-natal sensors and have those lightweight and often disposable sensors transmit information back to the monitoring equipment without wires. Reducing the number of wires attached to patients will also lowers the risk of accidents and infections, and make patients more comfortable overall," reports ARS. I predict VZ or AT&T will now try to buy up medical device companies to get that spectrum.

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