Your Cellphone is Spying on You

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Your Cellphone is Spying on You

There is so much talk about malware on Windows computers. Apple users think they are safe. HA! It was simply a matter of volume. Now that iOS is on millions of devices it is worth the time for bad guys to turn their focus.

Funny, though that it is Apple itself that is spying on you. And the FBI via your iPhone and iPad.

We knew that AT&T was giving the NSA every packet of data that ran across its network. Some thought VZ was too. (I think so). Then we find out that VZW is actually selling your data. That makes sense for a company that needs to keep growing revenue or die.

And they want a cellphone to be a mobile wallet??? Privacy is gone. I get that. But are we really go to lay down with are legs in the air and beg for more?

I'm going to look into this.

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