SubOut is the Best of What Cloud has to Offer

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SubOut is the Best of What Cloud has to Offer

The transportation industry is more efficient due to a new start-up that launched. is a subscription-based communications exchange enabling transportation companies to source business, buy and sell parts, and streamline subcontracting via a secure, easy-to-use interface accessible from any web-enabled device. [PR]

" is an innovative web-based tool that streamlines the subcontracting process for the bus and limousine industry", said Thomas Howe, an award winning communications software architect and one of's founders. "This easy-to-use platform uses the most up-to-date technology to reduce the overhead produced from charter booking processes by allowing charters to be posted and accepted online, in real-time."

SubOut is a vendor management platform for faster, stickier coordinated bus and limo transactions. Transportation is still largely inefficient and analog. This platform allows for the layering of communications on top for ease of use and to speed up the bidding process for tour operators (and the like).

Programmers and telecom insiders forget that many people do not sit in front of computers all day. This is a framework for those types of businesses to leverage technology for business process improvement -- the holy grail of cloud computing. adds instant communication. This results in filled buses, sold charters, and reduced idle time - and increased revenue, notes Anthony Vaccarello, President of Transportation Partners of America. In some respects, this is like Craigslist or elance for the transportation industry.

Good luck to Thomas Howe and his company. Howe has won awards for creating telephony mashup apps before. It looks like he is getting back to roots.

Find SubOut on G+. Watch the video for a thorough explanation of

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