Pieces of the Partner Puzzle, Part 1

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Pieces of the Partner Puzzle, Part 1

To have a successful partner program, you have to have great channel managers.

Channel Managers are the whole conduit to the partner channel - and vice versa. Channel Managers are the conduit to the company for the partner.

Channel Managers have quota (boy, do they have quota). However, they can only indirectly meet that quotas through their partners (unless they are going to sell FOR their partners, which isn't best practices*.)

Goal Setting is one topic that I think not enough people take seriously. But to attain anything beyond a mediocre life, you need to set goals.

The steps after the Goal is set is just as important. As Keith Rosen has taught me, "Exactly how they are going to attain their goals; that is, the strategy as well as the message that needs to be executed..... The structure they need to put in place regarding how they will manage their daily activity that will move them towards attaining their goals."

People forget that it is daily activity that gets them to their goals. Little steps each day. Daily activity becomes habits. Habits produce results.

What does your calendar look like?

*Teach them to fish; don't fish for them.

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