Two Disruptive CEO's

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Two Disruptive CEO's


These two guys are the reason that cloud services - UC, SAAS, HPBX - aren't easy to sell. Steve Jobs gave the world the iPhone and nothing has been the same since. Even the most technologically handicapped person loves their iPhone. It was a paradigm shift in not just handsets, but people's connection to the web.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is trying to make the Kindle an extension of Amazon (and doing a darn good job of it), but he made shopping online so stupid easy - 1-click and it's there in 2 days!!!!!! He has made getting in the car to go shopping a pain in the butt.

These are the two reasons that your stuff isn't selling:

  1. It looks like everyone else's stuff.
  2. It's hard to buy. Too many hoops leads to abandonment (shopping cart wise).

You have 2 choices: fix it or settle for the crumbs.

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