The New FCC Chairman Might be Biased

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The New FCC Chairman Might be Biased

In 2009, when Robert McDowell was nominated to be an FCC Chairman, the competitive telecom world cheered, because McDowell used to work at COMPTEL. They thought that Bush had given them a little help in the FCC. Oh, how very wrong they were. All the help in the FCC came from Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein.

Today, the Duopoly is cheering because President Obama nominated a lobbyist as the new chair of the FCC. I get the revolving door effect in DC, where people go from the regulatory agency to the private sector that they just regulated. To the average taxpayer - well, they don't notice do they? But to the taxpayer who is paying attention, we just want to kick their butts.

Today, the entire telecom industry is basically unregulated. Very few states still have a regulated LEC. With the clipping of copper, carrier of last resort options decline as does the ability for CLEC's to provide service. Oh, how we will wake up in a few years with huge bills, lousy service, no competition and no regulation. You will just have to like it a drink a cup of STFU.

This cracks me up: "Mobile operators including largest U.S. wireless carrier Verizon Wireless and No. 2 AT&T Inc. "should benefit from a focus on their economic health" by a Wheeler-run FCC, Paul Gallant, Washington-based managing director at Guggenheim Securities, said in a note today." Their economic health???? It isn't the FCC's job to worry about that. The FCC has one mandate: Protect the consumer.

Tom Wheeler ran both CTIA and NCTA, so the cable and wireless companies were popping corks last night. I hope they get the same surprise that the COMPTEL members got from McDowell. I doubt it though. This administration - both at 1600 Pennsylvania and at 445 12th Street SW - have been huge disappointments. N o one gets that our nation's very economy ebbs and flows with our telecom infrastructure. Idiots.

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